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Stop Playing It Safe With Your Ties

Okay, here’s an article that just doesn’t take it far enough:   I’m all for knowing how to match ties to your outfit, particularly if you’re rocking the aubergine suits we’ve seen recently, but these rules are just silly.  If your suit is dark and your shirt is white, have fun with your tie!  Why play it safe?  Go patterned, pink, or orange (maybe not with black.  We’re not condoning Halloween themed outfits).  Who do you notice?  The guy in the black suit, white shirt, black tie look or the one with an awesome tie?  I hope you said awesome tie, cause that’s the look I’m writing this article to help you create.

Remember, if the tie isn’t working for you when lunch rolls around, you’re not fused to it.  Take it off!  Bust out the tie you keep in your desk or go a bit more casual.  Rule of thumb for ties: Always experiment, except on days when you’ll be photographed or in a terribly important meeting.  In those cases go with what you know you like.

So, creating a look with a standout tie can be intimidating, but here are some rules to keep you sane on your way to being awesome.
1. Always keep a backup tie in your desk.  Preferably 2.

2. Wear Blue, Green, Pinks, Oranges with a blue suit

3. Wear whatever you want with a grey suit

4. Don’t wear bold patterns with other bold patterns (in the suit and shirt).  If a pattern is more than a simple, geometric one, chances are it’s bold.  Mix bolds with solids on the safe side and minimal patterns if you dare.

5. Textured ties are cool.  Wear them

6. Play with the texture of your layers.  Wearing a cardigan doesn’t stop you from wearing a tie.

7. There are no real rules (although I do think #1 is good advice).  If you like it, wear it.


Here are some ideas to help you get the creative outfit juices flowing:

Find a tie of something you like!

See how the pattern pops? I recommend a solid shirt/suit choice

Different colored ends make for interesting knots

Don’t be afraid of bold color!

A solid outfit becomes a show stopper with a great tie.

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Modern Men and Necktie Knots

DIFFERENTWAYSTIOTIEATIEIn the world of white-collars, necktie knots are the real winners of each day. From the eldredge knot to the capsule knot, they all get businessmen the complete look they need for a more professional impression.

The most interesting tie knots are the most exotic ones, any man can make a statement with those and even win over the acceptance of their counter parts.

Imagine yourself in a business negotiation, the first you do want to make sure is to look intimidating enough, an exotic knot helps you achieve that.

Necktie knots are increasingly popular in the lives of modern men who aim to get dappered when it comes to personal styles.

However, not all men know how to tie a tie the proper way. In fact, there are men who only know one tie knot and they do not even know what it is called.

This is when internet comes to be very resourceful, men can exchange their knowledge on necktie knots through online communities.


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The art of tying necktie knots

Difff4The art of necktie knotting dates back to centuries ago back when men began discovering new fabrics to use for cloth making.

Furthermore, it has evolved to the modern times with a lot of stylish modernism corresponding to generations from the 80′s and 90′s.

But many tie knots are quite rare as they cannot be seen very often anywhere. You may as well say that these are unique ways to tie a tie, a good example is the fishbone necktie knot which is a very stylish knot.

There are indeed endless ways to tie a tie, the most common one being the full Windsor knot. This knot is seen just about everywhere from office environments to schools.

Personally, I prefer to only wear it when I am off duty because this necktie knot is far too common. I would rather use one that is uncommon like the Trinity knot as this one is very professional looking and also one of a kind.

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The inseparable connection between gentleman style and ties


how to wear a tie bar

Suit is the same suit, but tie, it is the most important detail to observe a gentleman style.

Ties have experienced long years of evolution, developed to become men in social situations, one of the most essential accessories, wearing a tie, basically you can decode this man’s character. Politicians on solemn occasions, wear the color of the most traditional and best meet etiquette requirements, Asians prefer dark blue and red, Europeans are more inclined to gold and silver. Tie width, men are excellent, and Asia and the favored man liked narrower version of Brit Air, and most of the Europeans as tall selecting baggy ties. In addition, color and pick a better man of character, but also to specific analysis. In short, suit is the same suit and tie, it is the most intuitive of judging a man’s personality.

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